intuitive dream & tarot readings

emily hexe is an artist, empath, alchemist, and fourth-generation vermonter. at a young age, her interests in the intuitive and subconscious called her to investigate and connect with deep personal truths obscured by our modern and patriarchal society. working with her dreams since age 12, em found the art of tarot soon thereafter while exploring the rich multiverse of symbology, alchemy, poetics, myth and archetype. her work with dreams and tarot deeply inform one another, and em channels these vibrations into her creative practice as a writer and artist.

em is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, has studied with Robert Moss, and is currently apprenticing with Robert Bosnak. she is the mind’s eye behind “dream-in”, an ever-shifting collective dreaming project.

the tarot is an incomparable tool that allows for the opportunity to see things with objectivity and clarity. when combined with dreamwork, the tarot works to amplify the archetypes, symbols, and hidden messages contained in the dream being worked on. working as a conduit, em's intuitive readings are a deep channeling grounded in a unique perspective, and she is grateful to share her ten years of intuitive reading experience and innate ability to draw from the well of intuition available to us all.

for pricing inquiries or to book a reading, either in person in new england area or via telephone or skype, please use the contact form below. booking for parties or group readings is also available, as well as introductory intuitive tarot guidance. 

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the sliding scale for an hour-long reading is $45--$80 and includes a recording and a written summary. for three-card spreads the sliding scale is $7-21. you can choose whatever you feel comfortable paying, and YES i am open to partial/full trades. if you are interested in doing a trade please include that information in the text box above.